The fashion trends starts :Rabbit fur keychain popular around the world

Suddenly the bunny key chain are have been seen a few years back but they are back in fashion again. The rabbit fur key chains that are usually hanging on handbags. Where did they come from and why are they so popular? Well ..

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Imagine the most cute thing ever. I think a lot of you imagined a cute rabbit. Their fur is so soft and one loves to cuddle and play with rabbits and their little tails are like a little ball of fur! But how could you bring your bunny with you to work or to a trip. The rabbit would probably be stressed and a photo is not enough.
(Like this cutest rabbit fur with bowtie keychain,Goto  here)
How could anyone expect fashionistas to cuddle with a piece of paper?Wait a minute... the rabbit is cute and it has a cute tail and the tail is shaped more or less like a ball, which means a ball of fur might feel like having your beloved animal with you all the time! ever a cute bunny with fur hanging on the bags or be car pendant ....Problem solved!

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