How To Buy A Quality Backpack- Buyer’s Guide

I am a backpacker, I love to travel, enjoy beautiful scenery, understand different local cultural practices, take a look at historical monuments and celebrity stories, try different food, live in bed and breakfasts, and experience different feelings.

As Chinese saying:Read the book as if thousands of miles, The more place you travel,the more your own experience will gain

 I remember my second year of college, a few college classmates and I went to the six ancient capitals of Nanjing, we visited the Nanjing presidential palace, Confucius Temple, Qinhuai River and other attractions. The inside of the Presidential Palace features a combination of palace style and the republic style, rockery, goldfish lotus ponds.The Confucius Temple and Qinhuai River are lively scenes, with their own characteristics and food, places where people indulge in pleasures without stop! We also went to the Zhoushan Islands, Xiangshan Shipu, and other places, the island scenery is really beautiful.At the mid-autumn festival last year, I accidentally lost my backpack in the Yiwu railway station and the Newfeel backpack that had accompanied me for more than six years was gone.

Now in spring, which is especially suitable for traveling, I would like to buy a backpack, but how to choose a favorite and practical backpack?For our ordinary consumers who do not know where to start, I wanted to find information through a detailed analysis of the aspects of backpacks, material technology, type of use, models, purchase methods, use and maintenance methods, and then to do some comparison, and finally according to the different characteristics of backpack and cost-effective summary analysis, suggest backpacks for different tastes and styles of consumers that will meet the needs of the backpacker.

Backpack material diversification, has led to fashion trends, leather, plastic, polyester, cotton, nylon, canvas and other backpack texturesexist. In modern society, people are increasingly pursuing the era of individuality, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles from different sides to meet the needs of their fashion personality.

Material process

The following is a brief introduction to several commonly used backpack material characteristics for the consumer’s reference.


Polyester is a synthetic fiber, also known as polyester fiber, characterized by high strength, good elasticity, good thermoplasticity, poor resistance to solubility, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, poor dyeing, and poor hygroscopicity.


Nylon is a polyamide fiber, which is characterized by higher wear resistance than other similar products, providing excellent durability.Hygroscopicity in the synthetic fiber fabric provides better variety, and comfort.Elasticity and elasticity of recovery is excellent; but it will easily deformed be external force, Nylon provides heat resistance but has poor light resistance.


Canvas is a thicker cotton or hemp fabric. Its advantages: durable, wild nature, can DIY, fashion variety, large capacity. Disadvantages: not waterproof, not resistant to dirt easily deformed will yellow and fade over time. Canvas bagscan be made of burlap bags, the best feature is strength and durability. 

Backpack material for the outside of the main backpack can be 420DOxford nylon,Nylon 1000D,600Dor1000Dpolyester, or1000DCORDURA.1000Dhigh-density material, is durable, it is suitable for use in the field.More than90%of theworld’sfamous brands of backpack use this prestigious nylon material.These materials can withstandwater pressure of0.5m ~2m, so that the bag body remains dry.Some materials are also anti-tear meaning once punctured, the break will not tear open.


Types of backpacks

According to different volumes, backpacks can be divided into three categories

Large backpacks

Large backpacks(volumeof50liters or more) are for travel and specifically for long-distance expeditions.For example, when you go to places like Xinjiang, Yunnan for long-distance travel or climbing expeditions, there is no doubt you should choose a large backpack.Some short-term travel also requires a large backpack, especially if you need to camp in the wild, because you can load the tent, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and all the necessities you need for camping.

Large backpacks according to use can be divided into mountaineering backpacks and long-distance travel backpacks.

Mountaineering backpacks

Mountaineering backpacks are generally thin, so that you can pass through narrow terrain, the body is divided into two layers, to allow for a separate layer where items are particularly convenient.The back and top of the backpack can be bundled with tents and mats, increasing the volume of the backpack.The backpack includes areas for ice horn sets, bundles of ice picks, and other useful equipment.Most noteworthy is that the inner support encapsulates a lightweight aluminum frame, that is ergonomically designed, to match thethickness and the bandwidth of the back, using the shape of the curve consistent with body"S"design, and there are two side and chest straps to prevent sliding, so the backpack will feel very comfortable.And these kinds of backpacks all have a strong, generous and comfortable adjustable belt.Users can easily adjust the strap to their own height.Generally speaking, the bottom of the backpack should be located above the buttocks, which means more than half of the weight of the backpack resides at the waist, thereby greatly reducing the burden on the shoulders, reducing long-term damage.

Long-distance travel backpacks

Long-distance travel backpacks and mountaineering backpacks are somewhat similar, but the long-distance travel backpack is more generous in the main body, and includes a lot of side pockets for odds and ends that would make placement of items very convenient.

Medium backpacks

Medium backpacks(between30 to 50liters), are used more extensively forfield trips,two to fourday trips,between city travel and a rangeof long-haul non-campingbackpacking.They are ideal for carrying clothes and some daily necessities.Medium backpack styles and variety is much more diverse than large backpacks.Some backpacks add side pockets, to be more conducive to sub-loading items.The structure of medium backpacks and large backpacks are roughly the same.

Small backpacks

Small backpacks (less than 30 liters),are typically those mostly used in the cityor foroneto twoday excursions.

Toy backpacks and bags

The tiger skating backpack is made of high quality beautiful velvet, designed in the shape of a tiger, wearing a red hat, scarf, and a pair of skates, length55cm, color brown.This is a popular fashion style, designed for daily necessities, keys, etc., and suitable for little girls. The skating tiger backpack is produced in the Zhejiang region.

The small monkey head shoulder bag is a novelty bag made of high quality beautiful velvet,with PPcotton.The monkey head design is brown in color with two large white eyes and two small brown ears.

The blue cartoon bear shoulder bag is a fashion novelty bag, produced in Zhejiang.The blue cartoon bear shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet andPPcotton.The blue cartoon bear bag is a blue bearwith two small flowers on the head, wearing a pink striped dress.

The orange cartoon duck shoulder bag is a new fashion bag made of high quality beautiful velvet withPPcotton. The cartoon duck bag is designed as a fat bodied yellow duck with two waving wings.

The little boy shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet, andPPcotton.It is designed inthe shape of a small boy with black hair, wearing a little blue dress. The little boy shoulder bag is produced in Zhejiang.

The yellow cartoon bear shoulder bag is a fashion novelty bag mainly produced in the Zhejiang region.The yellow cartoon bear shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvetandPPcotton. The yellow cartoon bear bag is a yellow bear with a pink flower decoration on the head and wearing a red striped dress.

The colored flowers shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet,and PPcotton. Shaped like a flower, the flowers haveyellow colored petals, and the bag has a long yellow strap.

The love pattern shoulder bag is a fashion novelty bag made from durable material, designed not to fade.These bags are a popular style with fine workmanship, suitable for small girls to use.The love pattern bag is made from beautiful high quality wooland PPcotton.They are a dual love shape, with green, red and blue coloring.

The small frog head shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet and PPcotton. The frog head design is green with two large white eyes and a red mouth.The small frog head shoulder bag produced in Zhejiang.

The small green crabs shoulder bag is made of high quality beautiful velvet andPPcotton. The bag is shaped as small green crabs with big eyes, holding two claws.The green small crab shoulder bag is produced in Zhejiang.

Shape types

The mountaineering packis divided into two types: one has a volumebetween50and 80liters; the other isa smallervolumebetween20and 35liters, also called "surprise package."Large mountaineering backpacks are mainly used for mountaineering, small mountain climbing backpacks are generally used for high altitude climbing.Mountaineering special backpacks cope with extremely harsh environments, they are constructed elegant and unique, generally with a thin body.This kind of bag has to be waterproof, so even in heavy rain it will not leak.In addition, mountaineering bags are used for climbing, other adventures (such as crossing the desert, Grand Canyon rafting, etc.) and long journeys.

Big bag backpacksare a different shape, the front bag can be opened completely by a zipper, to allow for it to be used like a suitcase

Small travel backpacks come in a wide variety, we must remember to choose a comfortable backpack, and not only pay attention to look.

Bag-typebackpack come in two types. The bag can either be carried or can be wrapped in a bicycle front or rear shelf. The backpack is mainly used for bicycles that require high speed cycling.Bicycle bags are equipped with reflective light reflectors, to ensure the safety of the night rider.

Wild jungle backpacksare narrower, so as not to impede movement, in addition, the cutting is also more fitted, to reduce the swing, with a belt and ventilation back pad, on the outside of the bag with a strip for rope. Most of them are equipped with a compression band, you can tighten, the object will be fixed within the backpack to reduce the swing.The newer design is accompanied by a built-in water bottle outlet, or an external water bottle bag.Larger models will have aluminum film for support.


Leisure models

Casual models of the backpack are mostly more fashionable, vibrant, more refreshing models.They can highlight the cute, young and dynamic.Such as the following figure with this retro backpack.Retro is a popular element, most backpacks use this element.This type of backpack is not only fashionable and novel, but also better to take clothes for almost all informal occasions.Fashion adds color to the whole for a fresh look.

Student models

With the development of society in recent years, economic and life conditions are more comfortable, and the requirements of students for backpacks is also the pursuit of a different functional experience whilst paying more attention to fashion and the trends of student backpacks.As the retro style is on the rise again, the previous basic models of the backpack have come back into people's vision, most of these models incorporate bright and fluorescent colors and printing.They offer a break for students on weekdays monotonous uniforms and ordinary leisure sports travel dress.

Travel models

Travel models mostly focus on the comfort of the shoulder strap, back breathability, and large capacity. Therefore, the general travel models are very large, but there is no lack of fashion and there are large capacity models, such as the following picture.Travel models come in a variety of retro and sub-size styles. Although very suitable for solid color casual or sports styles,bright colors can also add a good mood for your trip.

Business models

Modern society regardless of learning, work and life, demands us more and more to have access to computers, office workers have a need to be able to hold a variety of documents and a laptop/IPADin a backpack.Add to that a fine shirt plus trousers and an ordinary backpack is suddenly not enough for the business atmosphere.A good business backpack, not only can increase the temperament of the body, a multi-functional partition can create a well-organized space for all your needs.

 Purchase method

According to the numbers

If going on a personal outing, a25 to 35liters backpack will be appropriate.If the holiday is for two or three people to go out to play, you can choosesomething around the 40litersize, to allow you to carry more and help others carry an umbrella, food, water etc.

According to gender

As men and women differ in size and physical shape, the choice of an outdoor backpack is not the same.Usually for a one or two day short outing, a unisexbackpack about 30 liters is appropriate.For more thantwo to threedays of long-distance travel or camping, you need a bigger backpack, men generally choosea 55liter backpack, while women choose a45liter backpack.

According to the itinerary

For single-day round-trip hiking, riding, mountain climbing, a30liter backpack would be appropriate.For two to three days (camping optional),a multi-function backpackbetween 30-40liters, and if you want to takea tent, sleeping bags and mats and other outdoor equipment, you can choosea larger backpack(more than 45liters).In addition, different backpacks are required for general field activities and climbing mountains.

According to length

Measure your body length, that is, cervical spine to the last section of the distance of the lumbar spine.If the length is less than 45cm, you should buy a small backpack.If the trunk lengthis between45-52cm, you should choose a medium backpack.If your torso length is 52cmor more, should choose a large backpack.


For large backpacks, put in the time and place items carefully, heavy objects you are not afraid of knocking should go in the lower part, if the weight is more evenly spread the whole will not fall.

Backpack on the shoulder method:place the backpack on table or desk, put your shoulders into the shoulder straps, lift leaning forward.If there is no table or desk to put the backpack up high, using both hands put the backpack on a knee, face the strap, with one hand control the bag, with the other hand grab the shoulder strap and quickly swivel, so that your arm is in the shoulder strap, and then the other arm.

The belt should be tightened, so that the heaviest force is around the hips, to buckle the chest, tighten, so that the backpack is not dragging on your back. In the absence of protection through rapids and steep lots, you should relax the shoulder strap, open the belt and chest, so that in case of danger, you can separate yourself from your backpack quickly.


For our ordinary consumers, purchasing a favorite backpack, in order to work or travel will mean they want to use the backpack for a long time, of course, the length of life of the product is determined by product quality, as well as the maintenance of the backpack.How to maintain:I would like to introduce in detail, a variety of maintenance ideas.While outside camping, make sure you seal food and the backpack to avoid mice and other small animals.At night, you need to use the backpack cover to cover the backpack, even in sunny weather, dew will still wet the backpack.During the snow season, the backpack can be used as a snow hole, if crawling in the hills or mountains, remember to load your backpack to reduce the center of gravity, camping gear can be placed at the foot of the empty bag under the sleeping bag, insulated in the cold surface to improve sleep temperature. After the end of the trip ensure you clean the backpack.

Cleaning method

A dirty backpack can be cleaned with a neutral detergent and then placed in a cool place to dry, but avoid over exposure, because the UV will hurt the nylon cloth line, the process should still pay attention to the basic maintenance.

With a small brush to clean the dust, apply only to dust.

Wipe with a soft towel, and then dry, apply to ordinary stains.

Bubble in the big pot for a few days, and then repeated rinse, apply to the dirty chair cushion.

Remove the backpack carrying the system with a washing machine, machine wash, suitable for a cleanliness of the lazy.

Store in a cool, dry environment, to avoid mold damage to the outer layer of the backpack cloth waterproof coating, to avoid prolonged exposure, regularly check the main support points, such as belt, zipper and shoulder strap, carrying the stability of the system to avoid gasket deterioration or hardening. 

If you do not have a clean and dry place, you will need to set a plastic bag, while avoiding sun exposure.

The above is to help you understand the concept of backpacks, material technology, types of use, models, purchase methods, use, and maintenance. In work, study, travel and other life generally the need for a backpack is based on each person’s own preferences, aesthetics, and their economic situation. Here I want to search from the Amazon website several sales of better backpacks, according to the design, functional structure, material and other cost-effective aspects to analyze the characteristics of the backpack for the vast number of consumer references.


Backpack Amazon website sampling product parameters report
Brand Fabric Size Weight  Price
High Sierra 100%polyester 19x8.5x13.5inch 1.5lbs  
Swissgear Polyester 18.5x13.5x9inch 3.4lbs  
Venture Pal nylon 9x2.2x8.5inch 0.7lbs  
Under Armor 81% polyester19% nylon 18x13x8inch 1.3lbs  
AmazonBasics Polyester 13x6x16inch 1.39lbs  
Bagerly Outer canvas inner layer polyester 13x9x2.5inch 1.4lbs  
HawLander nylon 11x5.5x16.9inch 1lbs  
SCIONE Polyestercanvas 14x5.4x17inch 1.4lbs  


Case analysis

Above I introduced the basic product parameters of the backpack. Here I look at some of the specific characteristics of the backpacks consumers can choose based on different styles, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

TheHigh Sierra backpacks, looks particularly beautiful, the design of the bag will mean many items can be loaded, regardless of whether you are looking for a bag for study, work or an outing it is a good choice.It comes in 48colors, and is unisex.It is made of 100%polyestermaterial,has a dedicated internalTECH SPOTtablet sleeve(12.5x11x0.75inch), with pockets for earphone port media, and a multi-pocket instrument with a key chain.It includes a lower adjustable side compression band to support additional gears, mesh media pocket straps and hanging accessories pocket.The mesh pockets can be loaded with cups and umbrellas. The multi compartment design ensures that your equipment is orderly.The side pressing belt can be adjusted to ensure that your items are down, and the adjustable bottom harness is suitable for carrying items such as sleeping bags or tents.Forthe office, the main cabin has a tablet computer, mobile phones and other personal digital equipment storage space.Multi-pocket organizers with key hooks provide storage for all of your smaller items.Whether you are hiking or trekking on foot to school,the High Sierra is the perfect travel companion.

Amazon site number of sales and reputation for this backpack are also good, cost is still relatively high.If you are a student or a picnic backpacker, this backpack is fully matched with the corresponding functional requirements. The only drawback is that aftermarket did not explain the warranty.

TheSwissgear backpack, looks like a simple rustic backpack, there arefivedifferent colors, although unlike other brands this backpack does not come in bright colors, the simple rustic style is favored by many consumers.Its internal design and configuration is still relatively strong, the carrying capacity is particularly large, whether you are looking for a picnic or school backpack this is very suitable.

This pack is a fully functional laptop backpack madeusing durable1200Dballistic polyester fabric, with a large open main deck, the main cabin is super durable, with a rugged large fastener, adjustable side compression band, an air current technology panel with mesh fabric strap-shaped fill profile, built-in suspension,ScanSmartplating technique and aTSAscanningterminal forlaptops. The computer pocket provides maximum support for the sleeve laptop.Other features include built-in highly protective floatingTabletSafetablet pockets, accordion folder, tissue chamber, multiple internal accessories pockets, a side accessory pocket, headphone port line fill media bags, molded top handle, a bag and acarabineerdaisychain.At night when you attach the gear on the road, you have a quick access to the front pockets and reflective material incorporated in the shoulder strap, in order to increase safety.Due to the size of the backpack, it is most suitable for adults and big children.It can be said that this backpack is a classic selection, its design can be used for a lot of purposes.No aftermarket information was provided.

Venture Palis a lightweight, durable hiking backpack, with nine colors for different consumer tastes.TheVenture Palbackpack is made fromhigh-quality, tear-proof and waterproof material, with more power and lasting performance, while having a relatively light weight.Additional strength is provided by the carrier in the bottom. The exterior looks beautiful and comfortable, ideal for everyday use and traveling, such as mountaineering and other tourism.Verylight and comfortable!

Breathable mesh straps with a rich sponge liner help relieve the pressure on the shoulder, and enhance the comfort of the backpacker's body.The length of the shoulder strap can be adjusted.A chest strap with a whistle can help you lock the backpack firmly in place. The backpack has a main zippered compartment, two zippered front pockets and two side pockets.The main compartments provide plenty of space (35liters), whether for a day trip or a week's journey.The two compartments in the main compartment are very easy to load with different items.In front, the two pockets can be very good to keep small items.Two side pockets can hold water bottles and umbrellas.Service: Commitment replacement-lifetime warranty.Venture Palbackpack is the perfect companion, whether in urban or rural outdoor sports or leisure activities.It is also particularly suitable as a gift to send family or colleagues.From the design to product features, the overall price is very good, especially recommended for home travel!

The UnderArmourstylish Backpack is good, whether it is for reading (interior can accommodate15-inch laptop) or hiking.It comes in many colors for different tastes, the back and shoulder strapshave a sponge pad ergonomic design, and the shoulder straps are adjustable for more comfortable and relaxed wear.This packis madeof81%polyester and19%nylon fabric,it includes an inside pocket,five external pockets, ahigh quality zipper and slider.Technologyalso usesUA Stormand wear plate,UAstorm technology provides a highly water-resistant surface.It features a hardwear resistant bottom panel, asoft lined notebook cuffand thewaterproof fabric ensures that valuables stay safe and dry on rainy days.It includes water bottle bags and umbrellas bags, hand-made fine workmanship, and large carrying capacity.Aftermarket features are not clearly stated.

AmazonBasicsclassic backpack’s compact design is simple, lightweight and durable, withseven colors for consumers to choose from.

This bag can be used as a school bag or as a picnic backpack.The spacious interior and front pockets, can be loaded with items or books for easy carrying, the main compartment has a double zipper closure.The back has a small zipper pocket and laptop pocket, the front zipper pocket is designed for smaller items, while the pockets can accommodate a water bottle or umbrella. The lightweight (21 liter), comfortable and convenient function makes it easy to transport the necessary student supplies from the home or dorm to the classroom and can be used as a portable bag at the time of travel, as well as for the daily necessities of field trips and other excursions.The large interior can carry a laptop, basic textbooks, a few notebooks etc. The back of the main package bag compartment provides additional space to maintain the order of your possessions, and the front pocket will hold smaller items neatly organized.All three parts of the durable zipper closure ensure that the stored items are kept safe.

In addition to three zipper portion,the AmazonBasicsclassic backpack also provides two outer bags.The side pocket provides a velcro closure and is suitable for holding an umbrella, getting a cup, or can easily store other items while carrying a backpack.

Wide, padded shoulder straps can be adjusted to fit customization, you want to make sure that the backpack is sitting in the right place -not too high or too low.

In general, this classic backpack provides a strong bearing capacity, the top of the ring handle, and stylish design, suitable for your personalized style.The price is relatively cheap,however, aftermarket is not clearly stated.

Bagerlyis a high-quality lightweight and durable polyester canvas lined laptop backpack for students, office workers and people who picnic.It can carry books and mid-sized laptops or a netbook computer, the largest can accommodatea 14-inchlaptop.The appearance is fashionable, especially for young girls as a reading backpack or casual backpack.With thirty-one colors available for different aesthetic consumers.From the structural point of view: A total ofeightpockets, a main compartment, a laptop pocket, a front zip pocket,twooutside pockets for holding small items, and an umbrella or water bottle,andazipped pocket. It features aunique design with adjustable straps that can relieve the pressure on the shoulder, and high permeability of the material liner to make people feel comfortable and relaxed.It is a very good backpack, a perfect casual daily backpack, very suitable for school, outdoor, street and other occasions.

Aftermarket:If because of quality problems are not satisfied with any products on the backpack, the seller will refund.How can I keep the canvas backpack clean?Clean at room temperature with clean water; do not rinse with hot water and alkaline detergent.Hanging in the dry and stored in the ventilation, rather than sunlight.Separate wash to avoid staining.

Overallthe Bagerlybackpack is a good price, the product design features, innovative style and the aftermarket are described in more detail, it is offered in a good number of colors in comparison to other backpacks.The praise especially recommended this backpack for students.

The HawLanderbackpack is a lady of leisure daypack, simple and stylish in appearance, suitable for outdoor or travel, but also as astudent’s school bag.

Consumershaveeightdifferent colors to choose from.The material is lightly waterproof nylon fabric.A simple backpack for women for outdoors or travel, it’s large enough for a 14-inchnotebook computer, some of the ultra-thin15.6inch netbooks, clothes, books and other daily necessities are no problem with the loading capacity of20liters.It features a back panel and adjustable thickened breathable shoulder straps, that provide ultra-comfort and stability.There are multiple pockets for books, clothes, lumbar pockets and top pockets for storing valuables.The design and headset holes in one side of the pocket, areconducive to relaxing and listening to music.There are alsotwoside pockets.Double zipper closure with3.5inches of artificial leather strap, makes it easy to open and close, while themain pocket zipper cover, increases the security of the design.This backpack is suitable for women as a casual daily bag, it is simple and stylish, soft and compact, with gold metal zippers.

How to maintain a backpack?Wash with clean water at room temperature.Do not wash in alkaline detergent.Hanging in a dry place, on the ventilation, rather than the sun.Do not wash with other clothing to avoid staining! Warranty aftermarket is not clearly introduced.

SCIONEis a classic stripe design, casual canvas student/laptop backpack, with four colors for different tastes and preferences.Material selection is high-quality canvas, suitable for 14-inch laptop, books, magazines andA4files. It includestwoside pockets that can carry a cup and an umbrella, a buckle in a pocket, for snacks and other items,twomain cabinmini open pockets for storing a cell phone or small electronic products,and azipper pocket for storage of small items such as keys or wallet. It is a light backpack, very suitable for daily study and outings.This backpack and the Bagerly backpack looks the same, but the brand is different, the size is a little different, they are the same weight, but the SCIONE backpack is cheaper.After-sales service,if you find a problem within91days, the seller will resolve the problem.Overall considering the style, quality, price, and after-sales consideration this is still a good backpack.


Above we introduced the eight backpack products related to the parameters, as well as the characteristics of the bags, what they are suitable for, volume, after sale features and so on.From a consumer point of view, it is difficult to judge good or bad?Of course, we need to understand the contrast, so we can decide to purchase the most suitable backpack.Of course, the highest price does not equate to the better backpack in all cases, a backpack needs to besuitable for your needs.What do you use it for?For example: I am a student, I bought a backpack for students, which was a suitable size for a laptop with a bag protective sleeve that can store a number of items such as books, pens and the like.I'm a backpacker, I need a bigger capacity, so I can load some travel necessities.

Price analysis from the pack:if it is for a woman or girl, then select the AmazonBasics or

From the point of view of the traveler climbing, the High Sierra and Venture Pal backpacks, both have a lot of internal structure features, large capacity, which make them especially suitable for outdoor travel, outdoor climbing and so on.The first is made from100%polyester, the second is made from nylon.

The High Sierra hasno after-sales description; the Venture Pal is lighter,35major lift capacity, with an aftermarket lifetime warranty, it is cost-effective and worth recommending!

     The Swissgear backpack design features are also very powerful, it has a simple rustic appearance, sales and reputation are very good, made from polyester fabrics, with a multi-pocket design, the quality relative to other types of backpacks is a little biased, as it is more suitable for men, there is also internal computer compartment,17-inch capacity, so the backpack can also be used as a computer backpack!The price is a little high relative to several other backpacks.

     TheUnder Armour backpackis a stylish reading, leisure travel daypack, which can accommodatea 15-inch laptop, books and so on.The outer layer is a waterproof fabric, it has an ergonomic design, and adjustable shoulder straps, that allow for comfort and ease.There are12colors, both men and women can choose their favorite color.There are no specific instructions for aftermarket.

     TheBagerlyand SCIONEbackpack exteriors look the same, theBagerlyoffers more color options, but theSCIONE is cheaper, more suitable for high school students, as it can accommodatea 14-inch notebook computer, books and so on, and it has a cute, stylish, modern design, if you want to go out of town.Aftermarketthe Bagerlyhas a lifetime maintenance,the SCIONE offers a 91 day warranty.Description of quality is good.

    For a backpacker going on a trip, in fact, I like to travel, I would choose the Venture Pal, whether climbing or riding on the road, this quality backpack is lighter, with anergonomic design, good loading capacity, and fashionable style!The price is very affordable.

For a school student, I would suggesttheBagerlyorUnder Armor, to meet all yourneeds, loading a netbook and notebooks, books, etc. Both areok, and very good value for money!

For women, I would suggesttheHawLander orAmazonBasics backpack, these two simple wild style backpacks are simple but not too simple, retro but not too rigid, with multiple pockets and good loading capacity. It would meet yourneeds, with a rustic yet low-key style.

For office workers, who every day needed to some carry-on items, such as a work laptop, and notebook computers.I would suggestthe High Sierrabackpack, it is stylish and ergonomically designed, with multiple pockets inside the main compartment that can be loaded netbooks, laptops and notebooks and other work items, this pack has 48color options, for the different tastes of workers and it is easy to hang, in order to avoid being stained.


Through the above analysis, it is possible to judge according to yourown needs the different backpacks strong features, some people are interested in color, design and style, some pay attention to comfort and function, while others pay attention to simplicity and low cost.Different people have different points of view, when the selection is to shop around, a good backpack is not only beautiful in appearance, pay special attention to its internal structure features, loading capacity, material quality, water resistance, whether there is a quality assurance and so on.If you can, it is best to check the experience, touch and try.And then decide what kind of backpack is most suitable for you.


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